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13 year ago River Klass was working on the line in his Restaurant Grounds. At the end of dinner service the cooks and he would make their dinner: chopped filet burgers, street style tacos... He thought, "Why not open a restaurant that served the food I loved to eat?"

He designed and built the building two doors down from Grounds Restaurant. This is a restaurant that locals and tourists love to come to eat two or more times a week. Why? The Good Food, casual environment, beers on tap, to watch a game, see friends and neighbors and to easily satisfy the entire family at one table.

"The Best Fish Tacos" - Messy Burgers and Traditional Napolitan wood Fired pizzas!


If you haven't been to Murphys don't hesitate to book your weekend now! Downtown is packed with tasting rooms, boutique shops, history, good eats and several options for lodging.

Looking for adventure? Hiking Big Trees State Park, skiing Bear Valley, boating New Melones, caving, zip lining, road and mountain biking, fishing the Stan, music and annual street festivals, horse back riding, rodeo and county fair... We've got you covered.

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