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Food? Sure. Let's talk.

Favorites? Tell us!

We have a number of folks who come in once or twice a week, we have others who make special pilgrimages every time they visit Murphys. However they make it, they all have their favorites. What’s yours? Which pizza? Which burger?

Hungry for Adventure?

If you are making a day anywhere throughout the area and want to keep it going right come by Firewood and refuel. Lunch starts at 11 every day and around 9 we wrap up dinner. Murphys is incredible and the perfect place to launch for wine tasting, hiking, skiing, caving, zip lining, road and mountain biking, fishing, horse back riding… you know… adventuring… all right in the area.

The Center of Downtown Murphys

Located in the center of downtown Murphys, Firewood is the place for great food and a great people. Tacos, Burgers, Beer, Pizza, all gourmet.


11a - 9p
11a - 9p
11a - 9p
11a - 9p
11a - 9:30p
11a - 9:30p
11a - 9p

Meet River. He loves food.

River Klass Firewood Eats and Grounds
Firewood comes from a very honest place. 13 years ago River Klass was working on the line in his Restaurant Grounds. At the end of dinner service the cooks and he would make their dinner: chopped filet burgers, street style tacos… He thought, “Why not open a restaurant that served the food I loved to eat?”

He designed and built the building two doors down from Grounds Restaurant. This is a restaurant that locals and tourists love to come to eat two or more times a week. Why? The Good Food, casual environment, beers on tap, to watch a game, see friends and neighbors and to easily satisfy the entire family at one table.